Spring Spades

Play your favorite Spades game with a beautiful Spring theme. Play cards with owls, rain drops, flowers, and birds to excite you about one of our favorite times of year. Go against the computer in this Spring Spades strategy game.

Decide how many tricks you can take with your hand and try to get that many as you team up with your partner. At the end of the hand, if you make all your bet tricks you'll score ten points a trick. If you don't you'll be subtracted ten points each bet trick. Don't bet too far over though, as those overtricks count for one point, but ten of them subtracts 100!

The starting hand plays a suit. You must follow that suit unless you do not have it. In that case you may play any other suit. Only Spades will trump the original suit. Win by having the highest card of the suit played or by beating it with the highest spade played.

After each hand of Spring Spades, the score is tallied. You play until your team or your opposing team reaches 300 points. That team is then the victor of Spring Spades.

Spades Card Game Strategy

  • Bidding nil or blind nil in Spades is risky but a great way to gain needed points if behind.
  • Find your own strategy when it comes to Spades bidding. Attempt to not gain too many over points.
  • Do gain overpoints to block the opponent from getting their bid Spades tricks.


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