4th Of July Spades

Celebrate our independence by playing a game or two of 4th of July Spades! This classic spades games is an overall favorite for American Spades players as it offers the amazing play of classic spades with the fun of 4th of July imagery!

Compete in teams a hand at a time while playing 4th of July Spades. Initially bid each deal on how many tricks you think you can take. Combine that number with your partner and that is how many you much reach during that 4th of July Spades hand. Start each trick with a suit of the first players choosing. All other players must follow with that suit unless they do not have that suit in hand, upon which they can play any other suit. Playing a Spade will trump the beginning suit. Highest card of the beginning suit when no spades are played, wins. If spades are present, highest Spade wins.

Play these tricks out until the hand is finished. After the cards are all played, points are tallied. 10 points for each trick bid, if the team reaches their bid number. 10 points subtracted for each trick bid if they do not. Every overtrick counts for a point, but ten overpoints throughout the game counts for -100 points, so be careful!

Deal and play another hand until one of the team reaches 300 points. If both reach 300 in the same hand, highest point count wins the entire game.

Spades Card Game Strategy

  • Be sure to protect your Spades teammate if they bid nil, as a successful bid will earn you 100 extra points!
  • Aces are usually an automatic Spades trick, but beware if you have most of that suit, as another player may have none and trump you!
  • Play low cards if an opponent bids nil to try to trap them into a trick. Unsuccessful nil bids subtract 100 points!
  • Accept overtricks in order to cause opponents from getting all their bids.


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